Application Instructions

Call for 2021 applications is now CLOSED


ATPESC provides advanced training to approximately 70 participants.  Qualified applicants must have:

  • Substantial experience in MPI and/or OpenMP programming.  Equivalent experience in Data Science frameworks will also be considered.
  • Experience using at least one HPC system for a reasonably complex application
  • Plans to conduct computational science and engineering (CSE) research on large-scale computers

Anyone who has attended ATPESC in a previous year is not eligible to apply.  If you were accepted to ATPESC 2020 and opted out of the virtual event, you may re-apply.

Ability to access all supercomputing resources used in this training program is mandatory for participation.  For ATPESC 2021, the following restrictions apply to foreign nationals: 
  1. Foreign nationals from countries that appear on a restricted foreign country listing in section 15 CFR 740.7 License Exceptions for Computers (including Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria) require a very lengthy approval process for access to DOE supercomputers, which will not complete in time for ATPESC 2021.  Therefore, citizens of these countries are not eligible to apply.  
  2. Foreign nationals from countries other than those listed above will need a valid passport, visa, and supporting documents with an expiration date beyond the end of the training program (August 13, 2021).  Selected applicants will be provided a letter of invitation for visa purposes if needed.
  3. Depending on the country of citizenship, the process for approval of accounts can take anywhere from weeks to months, and we cannot guarantee successful approval.  Selected applicants whose accounts have not been approved by June 1, 2021, will not be able to participate in ATPESC 2021. 

Applicants are expected to be proficient in English in order to take full advantage of this training program.  Results from TOEFL/IELTS/PTE examinations are not required.

Applicants must commit to attend the entire program.  If they fail to do so, they will be responsible for their travel, lodging and meal expenses.


  • March 5, 2021 (midnight, Anywhere on Earth) – Extended deadline to submit applications
  • May 10, 2021 – Notification of acceptance


Your application must include:

1. Statement of Purpose (SOP)

This document should include your purpose for attending the training program, a description of your computing experience, and your current/future CSE research plans.  This part of the application should be no longer than two pages.  Please include your First and Last Name, Job Title, and Institution at the top of the document.

  • Note: the curriculum of the training program is geared for participants with substantial MPI and/or OpenMP programming experience who have used an HPC system for a reasonably complex application and have conducted or are preparing to conduct CSE research on large-scale computers.  Please be prepared to describe in detail your previous experience with HPC systems (e.g., size of simulations, kind of systems, experience as user and/or developer, software and solvers used, etc.) and your future CSE plans on leadership-class supercomputers.

2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)

The submitted CV must provide all science and technology specialties, all work positions with no gaps in time, and current/accurate names of all academic institutions attended.

3. Letter of recommendation (LOR)

One letter of recommendation from an advisor or supervisor.  The recommendation should address in detail your experience with respect to the eligibility requirements.

  • Note: if your advisor or supervisor wants to make a confidential recommendation, they should send it directly to before the submission deadline.  In that case, ATPESC support staff will attach it to your application.  Please note that you are still responsible for ensuring final submission by your advisor or supervisor.  Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

Please do not include in your application any articles, additional letters, or other documents that are not among the three mentioned above.

When you have compiled all the documents listed above, log in to EasyChair to apply for ATPESC 2021

Important: on the EasyChair application form:

  • Name: When asked for your name, use your full legal name as it appears on your government-issued photo ID (e.g., passport).  Include your middle initial after your first name (or “NMI” if you have no middle initial).  Please use standard capitalization.  For example:
    • First name: “John R.”   Last name: “Smith”
    • First name: “Mary NMI”   Last name: “Johnson”
  • Email: Please use your work email.  (You will be given the opportunity later to specify an alternate email.)
  • Title: Enter “ATPESC Application”
  • Keywords: Enter 2021A, 2021B, 2021C  (The values will not be used.)
  • Scientific field: Please consult the list at and enter the most appropriate one.
  • Complete all other fields as directed including upload of your pdf files.
  • Click on the submit button only once.

If you have any questions, please contact ATPESC staff.