Frequently asked questions



Q: Who is eligible to apply for Argonne Training Program on Extreme-Scale Computing (ATPESC)?

A: Successful applicants are those who have written some non-trivial code for large systems, develop at least some of the code they use (as opposed to use code written by others), have applications that require very large systems, and expect to spend at least part of their career in developing and using code for scientific and engineering applications. The training program is not for beginners who have never written parallel code. 

ATPESC provides advanced training to approximately 70 participants.  Qualified applicants must have: 

  • Substantial experience in MPI and/or OpenMP programming.  Equivalent experience with Data Science framework programming will also be considered.
  • Used at least one HPC system for a reasonably complex application and
  • Plans to conduct CS&E research on large-scale computers.


Q: How can I apply for ATPESC?

A: Please see the application page.

Q: Do I need to send passport or visa documents with the ATPESC application?

A: No, when submitting your application we only need the information requested in the application form.  If you are accepted to ATPESC, at that time you will be directed to upload your documents in a secure manner.

Q: How do I know if the ATPESC organizers received my application?

A: After submitting your application on Easy Chair, you should receive an email confirming your submission has been received.  Also, when you are logged into Easy Chair you should see your application listed with the option to edit it. 

Event status

Q: Will the event be held in-person or virtually?

A: ATPESC is planned to be held in-person. 

Note: If the event is unable to take place in person, programming will shift to a virtual format.


Q: Where can I register for ATPESC?

A: If you are accepted into the program, you will receive an acceptance email from the ATPESC committee with a registration link and an access code for registration.

Q: I applied for a visa, but it has not yet been approved. Should I still register?

A: Yes, proceed with your registration.  In the foreign national ANL-593 online form under the U.S. Visa Information section indicate “N/A- Not travelling to US”. This will allow you to proceed with completing the foreign national ANL-593 online form until your visa is approved. Once your visa has been approved, inform the ATPESC committee at and we will provide a secure link for you to upload a copy of the visa. 

Q: I will not have a valid visa during the workshop period. Is a valid I-20 enough to attend the workshop?

A: Yes, a valid I-20 is sufficient if your visa expired. You will need to register for ATPESC as a foreign national and proceed in completing the online foreign national ANL-593 form and submit the documentation required by Argonne. Even though your visa may be expired, please indicate the visa number and expiration date in the ANL-593 form. 

An ATPESC support team member can assist with questions on the required documentation available at

Q: If I live in the Chicagoland area, do I still need to register for ATPESC?

A: Yes, all participants and lecturers need to register so we can provide an accurate headcount for meals and seating. Local travel is considered 50 miles or less from Argonne. When registering, please state that you are a local resident and will drive to the venue. You will be reimbursed for mileage/tolls only according to Argonne’s travel policy and rules in place at the time of travel. An ATPESC support team member will coordinate a Google map confirming mileage (round trip from your home).

IMPORTANT:  Foreign National Documentation

Q: What documentation is necessary for foreign nationals to attend ATPESC and participate in the Argonne National Laboratory tour?

A: In order to receive account access and site access for the Argonne campus tour, all foreign nationals must show that they are in legal status, meaning their immigration and naturalization paperwork is current. All foreign nationals attending the tour are required to present their documentation to the guards at the Argonne entrance to confirm their identity. Foreign nationals arriving at the Argonne security gate without the appropriate in-status immigration and naturalization service documentation will be denied.
WHAT’S REQUIRED: Upon registering you will need to provide copies of your original passport, original visa, and/or I-94 or I-94W (Arrival-Departure Record). If the expiration date on the I-94 or I-94W reads D/S (Duration of Status), you must have supporting immigration documentation (i.e., I-20, DS-2019). If your immigration status or work authorization documents will expire during the course of your travel to ATPESC, you will be prompted by an ATPESC support team member to provide updated documents in advance of that expiration. We suggest having your documentation with you at all times.

Q: If I am a foreign national traveling from aboard, which type of visa should I apply for?

A: Carefully review the U.S. Visa Application procedures and Visa Waiver Program.

Q: How do I request an invitation letter for my visa?

A: You can request an invitation letter by emailing ATPESC support at at the time of registration

Q: Do I need a non-immigrant visa to participate in the program?

A: You will need to register with Argonne as a foreign national and have a copy of your passport and/or have a valid I-20. Send your documents to support@extremecomputingtraining.

Q: How can I get the I-94 admission number/record required?

A: Please visit this website to get a copy of your  
I-94 admission number/record upon arrival to the U.S. It will be recorded in the Customs Border Patrol (CBP) database electronically at the port of entry into the U.S.

You will need to provide a copy of the I-94 retrieval record to the ATPESC support team in advance to be able to participate in the Argonne campus tour.

ATPESC Resources and User Accounts

Q: How do I get the ALCF user accounts setup?

A: Your account will be set up when you follow the instructions provided in the ATPESC registration process. Selected applicants whose accounts have not been approved by the designated deadline will not be able to participate in ATPESC 2024.

Q: Are participants required to bring their own laptops?

A: Yes. Participants are required to use their own laptops to connect to ATPESC resources. Wifi connection will be provided by the program.


Q: Is funding available for foreign nationals traveling from aboard?

A: If you are selected to participate in the training program, you will need to have your own funds to cover flights to/from the United States. ATPESC can pay for travel and arrange a domestic flight from your port of entry to the meeting venue (for example, New York City to Chicago). This is handled by our travel department. Please give details and flight preferences when registering and we will get back to you after registration has closed.

Q: I plan to take some personal time before and/or after attending ATPESC. Is funding available for the additional travel days?

A: ATPESC cannot fund personal time. We are unable to book any travel outside the designated ATPESC travel days.

Q: Can I arrange my own flights?

A: If you would like ATPESC to cover your airfare, the ATPESC support team will need to arrange your travel through their travel department. When registering, please give your flight preferences. An ATPESC support team member will contact you to arrange a flight itinerary on the ATPESC-approved travel days from your home city to Chicago.

Q: I am not returning to my home city following ATPESC and need an open jaw airline ticket. Is this an option?

A: Per Argonne travel rules, ATPESC cannot book open jaw tickets. Your travel arranger will work with you to book a round trip flight on the ATPESC-approved travel days from your home city to Chicago. Alternatively, you can arrange a flight itinerary at your own expense.

Q: Can I fly to ATPESC and return to my home city by a personal vehicle?

A: Partial reimbursements are not an option. The ATPESC support team can arrange a round-trip flight on ATPESC-approved travel days from your home city to Chicago. You have the option to book your own flight itinerary as a personal expense.

Q: My flight itinerary has been ticketed and I need to make a change, what are my options?

A: Any changes to the ticketed flight itinerary coordinated by ATPESC and approved by the applicant are a personal expense. Contact your ATPESC support team member for additional assistance.

Q: I am flying into Chicago; how do I get from the airport to the venue?

A: ATPESC will provide ground transport to the venue on approved travel days. An ATPESC support team member will provide additional information once your flight itinerary has been ticketed.

Q: Does ATPESC reimburse for travel to, or parking at, my hometown airport?

A: Hometown ground transport and parking fees are not covered.

Q: Does ATPESC reimburse for airline baggage fees?

A: Baggage fees are not covered.

Q: I live in the Chicago area, if I attend ATPESC can I commute daily to the venue?

A: No, ATPESC is a “retreat” type event, and the daily schedule does not allow time for commuting. However, you may check out over the weekend (August 3-4). You would be expected to return prior to the start of the session on August 5 at 8:30AM.


Q: Are accommodations being funded for local lecturers?

A: If necessary, we can cover the night before for lecturers speaking at a morning session. Local travel is defined as less than 50 miles and must exceed 12 hours of business in one day including travel time.

Q: I plan to bring a guest, is there a fee?

A: ATPESC provides a single occupancy room (one person) at the venue. There are fees for an additional guest to share the same room. Guest fees including a double occupancy room are a personal expense not covered by ATPESC. Contact the ATPESC venue directly for the additional costs.

Q: Does the ATPESC venue have laundry facilities?

A: Yes, complimentary self-service laundry facilities are available.

Q: Is childcare available?

A: ATPESC is an intensive two-week, hands-on training including after-dinner sessions.  Applicants are expected to participate in all training and events during ATPESC.  Unfortunately, ATPESC does not provide childcare or cover childcare costs.  If you opt to bring a child to the venue, you will need to arrange for a guardian and/or childcare services independent of ATPESC.

Meals Provided

The following meals are provided to the participants of ATPESC:

  • 7/27 Sat – none
  • 7/28 Sun – *Breakfast (if arrived on 7/27), Dinner
  • 7/29-8/1 Mon-Thu – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • 8/2 Fri – Breakfast, Lunch
  • 8/3 Sat – Breakfast
  • 8/4 Sun – Breakfast, Dinner
  • 8/5-8/8 Mon-Thu – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
  • 8/9 Fri – Breakfast, Lunch
  • 8/10 Sat – Breakfast

Grab and Go items are available for purchase at the Q Center.


Q: Will ATPESC reimburse for driving instead of flying?

A: If you are driving to the training program, travel must be less than 299 miles from ATPESC. If travel exceeds 299 miles you must fly round trip from your domestic home city to Chicago for ATPESC to cover your travel. ATPESC will do a cost comparison (airline flight comparison) after we receive your registration information. You will be reimbursed for mileage/tolls only when a Google map confirming mileage round trip from your home is provided and is less than 299 miles. Reimbursement is according to Argonne’s travel policy and rules in place at the time of travel. If your travel is more than 299 miles from ATPESC and you opt to drive, you will not be reimbursed by ATPESC.

Q: If I choose to rent a car will I get reimbursed?

A: Funding is not available for rental cars. ATPESC has contracted a limousine service to provide transportation to/from the Chicago airports on approved travel days.  You will receive an online link to the limousine service portal two weeks before the program starts to arrange your ground transportation.

Q: Can I travel to ATPESC by another mode of transportation (e.g., train, bus)?

A: Yes, you can travel to ATPESC via another domestic mode of transportation. An ATPESC support team member will arrange travel according to Argonne’s travel policy and rules in place at the time of travel.