Carol Woodward, LLNL

Dr. Carol Woodward’s research focuses on nonlinear solvers and time integration methods for large-scale applications and parallel architectures as well as in code and calculation verification. She leads the development and deployment of the SUNDIALS package of time integrators and nonlinear solvers. Dr. Woodward serves as Chair of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) Activity Group on Geosciences, as an At-Large member for the Association for Women in Mathematics Executive Committee (starting Feb. 2016), and as co-Chair for the Joint Committee on Women in the Mathematical Sciences. In addition, she serves on the editorial boards for the SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing, Advances in Water Resources, and ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software and has served on numerous organizing committees for national and international meetings. In 2015 Dr. Woodward was one of 15 early- and mid-career scientists and engineers recognized by LLNL for exceptional technical achievement. She served as Numerical Methods Group Leader and Postdoctoral Program Manager in CASC and six years as an elected member of the SIAM Council. She has also held offices in the SIAM activity group on Computational Science and Engineering. Her research interests include numerical methods for nonlinear partial differential equations, nonlinear and linear solvers, time integration methods, verification of scientific codes, and parallel computing.

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