Christopher Lirakis, IBM

Quantum information offers a revolutionary method for ushering in a new age of computing. Claude Shannon’s introduction of information theory shepherded the current digital revolution experienced for decades. A number of enabling technologies, such as CMOS, has permitted the on-going explosive growth in computing power. These innovations enabled the exa-scale computers being leveraged today. However, as feature sizes and clock speeds start to top out we are now asking ourselves what is the next stage of computation? Quantum computation is one potential option. During the course of this talk we will demonstrate how IBM Q is investigating the new paradigms of computation. IBM Q is developing platforms and infrastructure necessary to enable accessibility to quantum computing for users of all backgrounds.  A brief introduction into the potential modalities will provide a focus on the superconducting qubit used at IBM, followed by an illustration on the differences between conventional digital and quantum computation leading to a quantum speedup.  This will be followed by a brief discussion on applications with a focus on quantum chemistry. Finally, we will offer a demonstration on the IBM “Quantum Experience” or QX available to anyone for use.

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