David Koop, UMass-Dartmouth

David Koop is currently working on projects related to provenance, large-scale data analysis, and visualization. He serves as one of the core developers of the VisTrails project. Before joining UMass-Dartmouth, David worked at NYU with Dr. Juliana Freire and Dr. Cláudio Silva. David also worked at VisTrails, Inc., where he led the development of a Provenance Software Development Kit that helps developers add provenance functionality to new and existing applications.
His dissertation research at the SCI Institute of the University of Utah focused on how provenance can be used to accelerate scientific discovery and improve usability as well as data management techniques to facilitate these uses. Provenance is generally noted for its use in verifying analyses and reproducing past work, but it can also be used, for example, to automate repetitive tasks or suggest new computations.

During his work, David had the opportunity to work with a variety of people and projects that span a number of fields, including the UV-CDAT climate project, the USGS-Fort Collins SAHM project, the DataONE project, the ALPS project, and the Cornell eBird project.

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