Giridhar Chukkapalli

Giri Chukkapalli holds a Ph.D. from the Dept. of Mechanical and Industrial Eng., Univ. of Toronto (1994-97) and ME from Dept. of Mechanical Eng., McMaster Univ. (1991-1993). As part of his multi-disciplinary Ph.D. thesis, he implemented a parallel climate/weather dynamics solver with a novel mesh and advection scheme. His career includes tenure as a Scientist and Asst. Director in the Scientific Computing Dept. During his tenure at SDSC he was commissioned from 2000 to 2004 to work on the design and development of Blue Gene with scientific applications focus. In 2009, he joined Sun Microsystems and was the HPC systems architect in the Systems Engineering group and Chief Technologist in Global Solutions group. In 2011, he became the CTO of Appro International, Inc. where he helped set the long term HPC roadmap. With the acquisition of Appro by Cray, Giri worked in the office of the CTO at Cray setting the long-term roadmap. Currently, Giri serves as a Distinguished engineer at NVIDIA in the office of the CTO.

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