Mark Miller, LLNL

Mark C Miller has participated in the development of a number of scientific database and data modeling technologies including Silo, ASCI-DMF, HDF5, ITAPS and most recently the MACSio scalable I/O proxy application and Conduit+Blueprint for LLNL’s next generation Mesh Toolkit. Mark has been the lead developer of Silo since the late 90’s supporting scalable I/O requirements of LLNL HPC simulation codes including ALE3D, Kull, Ares, LASNEX, Overlink and VisIt. Mark’s expertise includes data models and their impact on software interoperability, high performance I/O, Software Quality Engineering (Smart Libraries) for HPC libraries and, more recently, in-situ data exchanges and transitioning from a push- to a pull-model for I/O. In his view, a majority of his activities and experiences over the last 20 years of HPC are best described as those of a “Virtual Ramrod“.

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