Martin Berzins, Univ. of Utah

Martin Berzins is a multi‐disciplinary Computational Science researcher whose research cuts across Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Engineering and is focused on the development of partial differential equations software for solving challenging engineering problems from a variety of applications on extreme‐scale computers.

Martin is a Professor of Computer Science in the School of Computing and in the Scientific Computing Imaging Institute at the University of Utah and a Visiting Professor at the University of Leeds. He graduated in Mathematics at the University of Leeds in 1978 and obtained a Ph.D. in Numerical Analysis there in 1982. From 1982 until 2002 he was a Lecturer, Senior Lecturer, Reader, Professor in Scientific Computing and finally the Research Dean for Engineering at the University of Leeds. He was also the co‐ founder of the Computational PDEs unit at Leeds. Dr. Berzins is a Fellow of the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications in the UK and a Chartered Mathematician.

In 2003 he moved to the University of Utah, where he was Associate Director (2003‐2005) and then Director of the School of Computing (2005‐2010). From 2005 until 2014 he was co‐Editor in Chief of Applied Numerical Mathematics. In 2012 he became Recipient Program Manager of the US Army Research Laboratory Collaborative Research Alliance in MSME (Multiscale multi‐disciplinary Modeling of Electronic Materials), that brings together nine universities in undertaking electronic materials by design. In 2013 he became the Computer Science lead in the DOE NNSA PSAAP2 Carbon Capture Multidisciplinary Simulation Center at the University of Utah.

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