Reed Maxwell, Colorado School of Mines

Reed Maxwell’s research is interdisciplinary in nature and is focused on a range of water-related questions. His emphasis is usually the development and application of numerical models to study interfaces in hydrology, but there is also a significant field component to his work. Reed’s interests span a variety of hydrology, water resources and water quality topics including: surface water and the terrestrial hydrologic cycle; interactions of the land-surface, surface water and groundwater, and the atmosphere; human health risk assessment; and reactive contaminant transport and geochemical cycling.

The application of numerical models to water resources problems, with their inherent complications, is difficult. Because of this, Reed’s group develops models that draw on novel numerical methods and parallel or high-performance computing. His work is collaborative and he pursues lines of inquiry that transcend scientific and disciplinary boundaries by using models to understand and bridge scales and processes. His research group is fantastic and they are critical to the projects successes.

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