Sameer Shende, Univ. of Oregon / ParaTools, Inc.

Sameer Shende serves as the Director of the Performance Research Laboratory at the University of Oregon and the President and Director at ParaTools, Inc. He is the lead developer of the TAU Performance System(R) and the Program Database Toolkit (PDT) tools. He has designed the instrumentation and measurement layers of TAU and is responsible for releasing TAU and incorporating new feature requests. This includes source analysis toolkits, binary rewriting tools (such as Intel’s MAQAO), and wrapper interposition libraries. He also serves as the PI and co-PI on several grants for the development and application of TAU. He has contributed and designed the HPCLinux OS distribution available for download from the ParaTools website. His research interests include instrumentation, measurement, and performance analysis tools for HPC, compiler optimizations, runtime systems, and operating systems.

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