Sibendu Som, ANL

Sibendu Som is a mechanical engineer and principal investigator for developing predictive spray and combustion modeling capabilities for compression ignition engines. With the aid of high-performance computing, Sibendu focuses on developing robust models which can improve the performance and emission characteristics of a variety of bio-derived fuels. Predictive simulation capability can provide significant insights on how to improve the efficiency and emissions for different bio-derived fuels of interest.

Sibendu is also the developer of a spray model that uniquely couples the nozzle flow with spray simulations, thus enabling the spray simulations to capture the influence of nozzle geometry on spray and combustion development. Recently he has been focusing on improving the fidelity of combustion simulations by implementing more detailed fuel chemistry in calculations.

At Argonne Sibendu has also developed collaborative projects with the Chemical Sciences & Engineering, Leadership Computing Facility and Mathematics & Computer Science groups thus advancing the “bridge the gap” effort. This allows him to implement fundamental developments in the field of fuel chemistry and high-performance computing.

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