X. Sherry Li, LBNL

Sherry Li is a Senior Scientist in the Computational Research Division Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. She has worked on diverse in high performance scientific computations, including parallel computing, sparse matrix computations, high precision arithmetic, and combinatorial scientific computing. She has (co)authored over 80 publications, and contributed to several book chapters. She has contributed to the implementation of the following widely-used open-source mathematical libraries: SuperLU, PDSLin, XBLAS, ARPREC, QD, and LAPACK. She has collaborated with many domain scientists to deploy the advanced mathematical software in their application codes, including those from accelerator structure modeling, plasma fusion energy study, and materials sciences. She earned Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Berkeley in 1996. She has served on the editorial boards of the SIAM J. Scientific Comput. and ACM Trans. Math. Software, as well as many program committees of the scientific conferences. She is a Senior Member of ACM.

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