Yuri Alexeev, ANL

Dr. Yuri Alexeev is a Principal Project Specialist at the Argonne National Laboratory and a Senior Scientist in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Chicago. He is a Principal Investigator of the National Quantum Center Q-NEXT, a member of the Chicago Quantum Exchange, and a senior member of the IEEE Society. His research involves the development of quantum computing algorithms, error correction/mitigation techniques, and numerical simulators of quantum systems using high-performance computing on next-generation high-performance supercomputers. Recent projects include the development of quantum chemistry and combinatorial optimization quantum algorithms for NISQ quantum computers.

Dr. Alexeev received his Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry from Iowa State University while a graduate student in Mark Gordon’s quantum chemistry group. After graduation, Dr. Alexeev became a postdoctoral fellow at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and worked in the NWChem group led by Dr. Theresa Windus; later, he joined the Nobel Prize winner Dr. Martin Karplus’ group at Harvard University and Université de Strasbourg.

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