Anouar Benali, ANL

Anouar Benali is a material scientist who focuses on Quantum Monte Carlo (QMC) method. QMC is a method that allows you to solve the Schrodinger equation for atoms, molecules and solids at a very high accuracy and at a very high computational cost. Using supercomputers such as the IBM BlueGene Q at Argonne Leadership Facility, he develops and optimizes algorithms to take advantage of the specific architecture available and the several hundreds of thousands of cpus in order to speedup the time to solution. This work involves either changing the algorithm itself, or adding layers of paralellization (MPI + Openmp +nested Openmp).

Anouar specializes using C/C++ language to write sequential, parallel or massively parallel codes (Using boost, STL and templates). He uses Quantum Monte Carlo to solve multidimentional integrals with stochastic methods while handling an important amount of data.

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