Glenn Lockwood, NERSC

Glenn K. Lockwood is a storage architect who specializes in I/O performance analysis, extreme-scale storage architectures, and emerging I/O technologies.  His research interests revolve around understanding I/O performance by correlating performance analysis across all levels of the I/O subsystem, from node-local page cache to back-end storage devices.  To this end, he is actively involved in the development of TOKIO, a framework for holistic I/O performance characterization.  He is also a maintainer of the IOR and mdtest community I/O benchmarks and contributes to the Darshan I/O profiling library.

Prior to joining ATG, Glenn was a user services consultant at the San Diego Supercomputer Center where he provided collaborative support for data-intensive computing projects in areas including ecology and genomics.  He has also consulted for and worked in private industry, and has a formal research background in the chemical physics of water-silica interfaces and molecular dynamics.  He holds a Ph.D. in materials science and B.S. in ceramic engineering, both from Rutgers University.

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