Guang Gao, Univ. of Delaware

Prof. Gao’s main research interests are dataflow models and their applications in high performance computing systems. He focuses on architectures, programming models, compilers, and runtime systems, and he addresses data and computer intensive problems. Due to their unique knowledge and expertise in parallel computation based on dataflow models and their extensions, Prof. Gao and his research group have led or participated in a large number of research projects involving supercomputing systems that have been sponsored by government agencies and leading computer industry organizations. Prof. Gao has published over 270 papers in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences, has co-initiated several top international conferences (such as PACT, and CASES), and has served as a member of program/steering/organization committees in many prestigious international conferences and workshops. Prof. Gao’s expertise and vision have also been translated to industry with him as chairman and one of the founders of ET. International Inc., (a spin off from the University of Delaware in 2000).

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