Huihuo Zheng, ANL

Huihuo Zheng is an Assistant Computer Scientist in the datascience group at Argonne Leadership Computing Facility. His research interests include data management and parallel I/O, and large scale distributed training. He applies high performance computing and deep learning to various domain sciences, such as physics, chemistry and material sciences. His current projects include: (1) ExaIO/ExaHDF5 – developing advanced features in the HDF5 library for efficient parallel I/O, such as caching and presaging on node-local storage, topology-aware collective I/O; (2) IO profiling and benchmarking or AI workloads; (3) scalable image reconstruction algorithm development.

Huihuo received his PhD. in Physics at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 2016. He has a strong background in condensed matter physics, first-principle simulations with density functional theory and quantum Monte Carlo method.

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