Narayanan Kasthuri, ANL

Dr. Kasthuri is a neuroscience researcher at Argonne and an assistant professor (adjunct) in the Department of Neurobiology at The University of Chicago. He has an M.D. from Washington University School of Medicine and a D.Phil. from Oxford University, where he studied as a Rhodes scholar. As a postdoctoral fellow, Dr. Kasthuri developed an automated approach to large-volume serial electron microscopy (“connectomics”). The Kasthuri lab continues to innovate new approaches to electron microscopic based connectomics reconstructions including making samples more amenable to automatic segmentation and combining proteomic and genomic approaches with electron microscopy. We are also now exploring the use of high-energy X-rays from synchrotron sources for mapping brains in their entirety. The Kasthuri lab is applying these techniques to developing, adult, and aged brains in service of answering the question: How do brains grow up and age?

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