Nathan Ellingwood, SNL

Nathan Ellingwood is a computational scientist in the Scalable Algorithms group of the Center for Computing Research at Sandia National Laboratories. He joined Sandia in 2015 following a postdoc and completion of his Ph.D. in Applied Mathematical and Computational Sciences at the University of Iowa where he worked with Professor Ching-Long Lin’s research group developing multi-core and GPU-based algorithms for his computational lung model.

He is currently a researcher and developer working on the Kokkos programming model, a performance-portable C++ library providing node-level parallelism on advanced heterogeneous architectures; Kokkos-Kernels, a layer of performance portable kernels for dense and sparse linear algebra and graph computations; and Trilinos, a collection of mathematical software libraries for solving large-scale, complex multiphysics engineering and scientific problems.

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