Susan Coghlan, ANL

Susan Coghlan is a Linux cluster expert and systems integration professional who has worked on high-performance parallel and distributed computers for more than 20 years. In her leadership role in the Blue Gene Consortium, Susan organizes system administrators around the world to evaluate, adopt, and manage IBM Blue Gene systems as robust platforms to achieve breakthrough science. She also oversees distributed computing projects such as the ARRA-funded Magellan cloud computing project.

Susan is currently responsible for the deployment of Mira, Argonne’s next-generation Blue Gene/Q supercomputer. When fully operational in 2013, Mira will rank among the fastest, and most power-efficient machines in the world in support of open science. Susan’s system monitoring and power performance research conducted on the Q petascale architecture will provide useful performance metrics for the next-generation of leadership-class machines.

In 2000, Susan co-founded TurboLabs, a research laboratory for Turbolinux Inc. that developed the world’s first dynamic provisioning system for large clusters and data centers.

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