Tim Mattson, Intel

Tim Mattson is a parallel programmer obsessed with every variety of science (Ph.D. Chemistry, UCSC, 1985). He is a senior principal engineer in Intel’s parallel computing lab.

Tim has been with Intel since 1993 and has worked with brilliant people on great projects including:  (1) the first TFLOP computer (ASCI Red), (2) MPI, Open MP and OpenCL, (3) two different research processors (Intel’s TFLOP chip and the 48 core SCC), (4) Data management systems (Polystore systems and Array-based storage engines), and (5) the GraphBLAS API for expressing graph algorithms as sparse linear algebra.

Tim is passionate about teaching.  He’s been teaching OpenMP longer than anyone on the planet with OpenMP tutorials at every SCXY conference but one since 1998.  He has published five books on different aspects of parallel computing, the latest (Published November 2019) titled “The OpenMP Common Core: making Open MP Simple Again”.

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