Dinner Talks

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07/29/2019 Protein Dynamics in Cellular Environments Rommie Amaro, UC San Diego  width=240
07/30/2019 The Coming Age of Extreme Heterogeneity Jeffrey Vetter, ORNL  width=240
07/31/2019 Scientific Applications and Heterogeneous Architectures – Data Analytics and the Intersection of HPC and Edge Computing Michela Taufer, UT Knoxville  width=240
08/01/2019 The Parallel Computing Revolution is Only Half Over Rob Schreiber, Cerebras  width=240
08/02/2019 Exploring the Dark Universe Katrin Heitmann, ANL  width=240
08/05/2019 DreamWorks Animation Mark Jackels, Dreamworks Animation  
08/06/2019 The Apollo Guidance Computer: When 100 Flops/Watt was a Giant Leap Mark Miller, LLNL  width=240
08/07/2019 Coding The Continuum Ian Foster, ANL / UChicago  width=240
08/08/2019 Quantum Computing Trends Yuri Aleeksev, ANL  width=240
07/29/2018 Life on the Bleeding Edge Susan Coghlan, ANL  width=240
07/30/2018 Navigating Changing Risk from Extreme Events Rao Kotamarthi, ANL  width=240
07/31/2018 Hardware/Software Co-Design for High Performance Interconnects for Extreme-Scale Systems Ron Brightwell, SNL  width=240
08/01/2018 Designing a New Poisson Solver for Exascale Architectures Phil Colella, LBNL  width=240
08/02/2018 Building things: Spack, Software, and Sustainable Communities in HPC Todd Gamblin, LLNL  width=240
08/03/2018 Revisiting Two Influential Papers in the History of Computational Physics Andrew Siegel, ANL  width=240
08/07/2018 Volumetric Snapshot 3D Imaging Nicola Ferrier, ANL  width=240
08/08/2018 Is AI As Intelligent As It Thinks It Is? Ira Goldberg, ANL  width=240
08/09/2018 Visual Computing at the Electronic Visualization Laboratory Liz Marai, UIC  width=240
07/30/2017 Revolution in Computational and Data-enabled Science and Engineering Ed Seidel, NCSA, Director, UIUC  width=240
07/31/2017 A Vision for Exascale: Simulation, Data and Learning Rick Stevens, ANL  width=240
08/01/2017 Evolution of MATLAB Cleve Moler, Mathworks  width=240
08/02/2017 Stone Age of the Internet of Things Francine Berman, RPI  width=240
08/03/2017 NASA Advanced Computing Environment for Science & Engineering Rupak Biswas, NASA  width=240
08/04/2017 Data Intensive Computing, the 3rd Wall, and the Need for Innovation in Architecture Peter M. Kogge, University of Notre Dame  width=240
08/08/2017 Big Data Analytics: The Apache Spark Approach Michael Franklin, UChicago  width=240
08/09/2017 Managing Defects in HPC Software Development Tom Evans, ORNL  width=240
08/10/2017 Big Data Brain Maps at Argonne National Laboratory Narayanan (Bobby) Kasthuri, ANL  width=240
07/31/2016 A Path to Capable Exascale Computing Paul Messina, ANL  width=240
08/01/2016 Addressing National Problems with Exascale Applications, Application Development Plans in the Exascale Computing Project (ECP) Douglas Kothe, ORNL  width=240
08/02/2016 CFD, PDEs and HPC – A Thirty Year Perspective Paul Fischer, UIUC  width=240
08/03/2016 The End of Water as We Know It Seth Darling, ANL  width=240
08/04/2016 Reconfigurable Computing: And Ingredient of Post-Moore Scientitic Computing? Franck Cappello, ANL  width=240
08/05/2016 (Panel) HPC X GAMES Or Experiences in going to eXtreme Scale in HPC Computing FASTMath Team  width=240
08/08/2016 HPC Complete: Reproducible, Sustainable, Productive Mike Heroux, SNL  width=240
08/09/2016 Perspective from NCSA Gabrielle Allen, UIUC  width=240
08/10/2016 Computers, Visual Effects and the Magic of Movies Jamie Dixon, Hammerhead Productions, Inc.  width=240
08/11/2016 Pushing the Frontiers of Atomistic Modeling Towards Predictive Materials Design Subramanian Sankaranarayanan, ANL  width=240
08/02/2015 Computational Urban Sciences Charlie Catlett, ANL  
08/03/2015 Exascale Architecture Trends Pete Beckman, ANL  width=240
08/04/2015 Next Generation Energy Storage: Beyond Lithium Ion George Crabtree, ANL  width=240
08/05/2015 Introduction to OpenACC Nikolai Sakharnykh, NVIDIA  width=240
08/06/2015 The Computing Challenges Facing High Energy Physics Robert Roser, Fermilab  width=240
08/07/2015 Perspectives on Teaming from the DOE National Labs Lori Diachin, LLNL  width=240
08/10/2015 Internal Combustion Engine Simulations: From Desktop – Cluster – Supercomputing Sibendu Som, ANL  width=240
08/11/2015 Why are Supercomputers Hard to Use? Katherine Riley, ANL  width=240
08/12/2015 Python for High Performance Computing William Scullin, ANL  width=240
08/13/2015 Computational Science and Cinema Marius Stan, ANL  width=240
08/04/2014 Exascale Architecture Trends Pete Beckman, ANL  width=240
08/05/2014 Toward an “Urban Science” Charlie Catlett, ANL  width=240
08/06/2014 Exascale, Data and Biology Rick Stevens, ANL  width=240
08/07/2014 The Big Gift of Big Data Valerio Pascucci, Univ. of Utah  width=240
08/08/2014 Perspectives on Teaming from the DOE National Labs Lori Diachin, LLNL  width=240
08/11/2014 Massive Parallelism in Economics and Climate Change Yongyang Cai, Stanford Univ.  width=240
08/12/2014 How to Stuff a Supercomputer inside a Laptop Salman Habib, ANL  width=240
08/13/2014 Supercomputing: The Coming Decade Mark Snir, ANL  width=240
08/14/2014 Vis Trails – Using Provenance and Workflows for Scientific Exploration David Koop, New York Univ.  width=240
07/28/2013 Architecting for Exascale Tryggve Fossum, Intel Corp.  width=240
07/29/2013 Grid, Cloud, and Beyond: What we have learned about computing on demand Ian Foster, ANL / UChicago  width=240
07/30/2013 Petascale Post-doctoral Computing or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Blow Up Stars Sean Couch, UChicago  width=240
07/31/2013 Large-Scale Visual Analysis Chris Johnson, Univ. of Utah  width=240
08/01/2013 Scientific Computing while Supercomputing Aron Ahmadia, Continuum Analytics  width=240
08/02/2013 Perspectives on Teaming from the DOE National Labs Lori Diachin, LLNL  width=240
08/05/2013 Dawn of the Era of Quantum Computation Bob Lucas, USC-ISI  width=240
08/06/2013 Urban Center for Computation and Data Charlie Catlett, ANL  width=240
08/07/2013 Argonne National Laboratory: Innovative Research in the National Interest Mark Peters, ANL  width=240
08/08/2013 Big Data + Extreme-scale Time to Compute -> Actionable Insights Alok Choudhary, Northwestern Univ.  width=240